Thursday, November 26, 2009

Creative 3G Vado HD Camcorder Features & Price

Creative recently announced the introduction of third generation compact digital camera, Vado HD which could record video in 720p HD resolution. Creative also said that the upgraded version fix many of the problems that previous Vado HD faced.The new Vado HD has an option for plug-in external microphone provides a solution for the less-than-stellar audio recording capabilities of the Vado HD.

Apart from the introduction of connection capability for a headphone and a microphone port,The innovating features of the new Vado HD compact digital camera has the ability to start shooting automatically when the Camcorder detects motion in its frame.The new Vado HD Camcorder is lighter with weight just 93g and has dimensions 98.8 x 57.6 x 15.8mm which make it some what smaller a little bit than the previous one.

New Creative Vado HD Camcorder features 2-inch display with support for displaying 16m colors and 640×240 pixels,boasts with CMOS matrix, wide-angle lens with a 2x digital zoom, 4GB internal memory (enough to store up to 120 minutes of video),motion-detection mode (records video once motion is detected),HDMI and USB connectivity.The third generation Vado HD Camcorder has the capability to capture JPEG images at 1,280 x 720-pixel resolution and has a one click uploading option to post videos directly to Facebook, YouTube, Photobucket, and KinKast.

Creative Vado HD Camcorder available colors:

You could be able to shoot continuously up to two hours with the New Camcoder.Creative 3G Vado HD will be available in 4GB storage capacity.The customer could now preorder their Vado HD camera through and Creative Vado HD Camcorder comes with a price tag of $179.99.

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