Thursday, December 17, 2009

Apple Introduced Latest Magic Mouse

Apple recently introduced the latest Magic Mouse which is world’s first mouse with multi-touch capability.It has an extremely low profile design and an approximately totally flat top with no physical buttons.The Magic Mouse comes with a price tag of just $69.

The full surface act as a single buttom,for a double click so as to open a file or folder you can double click any where on the mouse surface.Magic Mouse uses powerful laser tracking that’s far more sensitive and responsive on more surfaces than traditional optical tracking. That means it tracks with precision on nearly every surface — whether it’s a table at your favorite cafe or the desk in your home office — without the need for a mousepad.
To right-click or activate a shortcut menu, you click the top-right corner of the mouse. For left handers you could configure Magic Mouse to do a right click with a top-left click.

Magic Mouse brings iPhone-like scrolling to the desktop. To scroll through a Web page or document, you run your finger vertically up and down the mouse's top shell.

To scroll side to side, move your finger horizontally (left or right). And you can scroll a full 360 degrees by moving your finger in a circular motion--handy for viewing and editing large photos.

To magnify your desktop, hold down the control key on the keyboard, and then run a finger upwards on the mouse. To zoom out, run your finger back down.
Magic mouse also provide facility to configure mouse movements according to ones needs.You could go to the Magic Mouse preference pane in System Preferences to enable or disable features.

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