Saturday, December 5, 2009

Asphaltfighter Strombringer- Fastest Street Bike Features & Specifications

Asphaltfighter recently introduced the worlds fastest street bike named as Asphaltfighters Strombringer.The new Strombringer is claimed to have a top speed of 199mph.The bike has a stylish shape and excellent design.

The new Asphaltfighters Strombringer just take 13.9 seconds to accelerates to a speed of 186mph.The bike is powered with a 1,000-cc four-cylinder four-valve engine which can produce a maximum powerout of 220 hp / 161.9 kW at 13,500 rpm can be increased up to 280 hp / 206 kW for a little while.

Asphaltfighters Strombringer features a backup camera system that eliminates the need for rearview mirrors,head-up display for projecting current speed onto the windscreen ,single Xenon headlamp that serves as both high and low beam and innovative lighting system with LED daytime running lights.

The new bike has comes with a six-speed manual transmission.The new Asphaltfighters Strombringer weighs just 429 pounds comes with a price tag of about $57,500 Euros (~$87,000 USD).

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