Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Packard Bell dot S2 netbook Features & Price details

Packard Bell recently announced the Introduction of New netbook,Packard Bell dot S2 with excellent features and stylish design which could make it best for both professional and personal jobs.Recent news reveals that Packard Bell new netbook will be available from early next year.

Packard Bell dot S2 comes with multi-touch capable touchpads where you coul you more than one finger in performing a particular action like maximize , minimize etc.The new netbook from Packard Bell comes with 10.1-inch display, an Intel Atom next generation, Intel’s upcoming N450 Pineview Atom processor, operating at a clock frequency of 1.66 GHz and also includes a integrated graphics core.

Packard Bell dot S2 also features 160GB hard drive,1GB of RAM,multi-touch touchpad,Wi-Fi, webcam and audio support with Dolby Sound.The new net book runs on Windows 7 OS.

Packard Bell dot S2 available colors:

* Night-sky Black
* Cherry Red.

Packard Bell dot S2 will hit market early next year with an estimated price of €250 to €300.

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