Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Aircel 'Peek'

Aircel has launched a device called 'Peek’. It’s an e-mail handset, targeted only for Indian email users, has a Qwerty keyboard .It is is the thinnest email device ever created. It gives an LED alert whenever a mail is received and also has PUSH email capability

Users can configure only 3 email accounts The screen looks good ,has a scroll wheel and the back button are on the sides. You can lock the device Peek comes tin two color black and red. Battery life is supposedly 2-3 days. It can store up-to 5000 email messages and about 1000 contacts.

The device alone costs Rs. 2,999.For Internet connection Aircel wants to choose from its prepaid and postpaid plans. On prepaid offers, users get unlimited email service for Rs. 897 for 90 days. After that subscriber can recharge with Rs. 89 for 7 days validity or with Rs. 299 for 30 days validity On postpaid offer, pay Rs. 897 for three months of unlimited email service with montly rent of Rs 299.

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