Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Roof coating 'Coolwrap' reduces indoor room temperatures

A vadodara based firm called Aesthetic Solutions has already developed and tried this technology named as Coolwrap, in various constructions and came up with successful results.

The company uses nano-technology and infrared reflective technology to keep a building cooler without using any solvents.The Coolwrap keeps a building at 14 degrees cooler.
Accroding to Neetu Jain, founder Aesthetic Solutions "coating on a RCC roof will reduce temperature in the range of 6-10 degrees Celsius, whereas, coating on a metal roof will reduce temperature in the range of 6-16 degrees Celsius. It also helps in reducing insulation (false roof) in the houses from 6 inches to 1 inch".

The company(Aesthetic Solutions) that is into insulation, roofing solutions, water-proofing, reflective cooling technology was awarded the best start-up firm at a 15-day workshop at CIIE in October 2010.

You can contact them on the link Aesthetic Solutions

For more details on www.aestheticsolutions.co.in

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