Sunday, October 25, 2009

Intex introduced four Dual SIM Mobile Handsets

Intex recently introduced Four dual SIM mobile handsets with lot of features that is best for ones personal and professional use.The handsets comes in attractive design and colors with very slim to hold.Among them the IN4410 and IN4495 can hold two GSM SIM concurrently and the IN80 and IN20 could support one CDMA SIM and one GSM.

The 4495 model comes with features like a 6.1 cm QVCA touch screen, Peer Control feature which wants a easy code with which a user can switch off the phone and carry out other functions even as at a far-away location from the phone.Other features of the phone includes FM radio, Bluetooth, auto voice, Motion Sensor, USB PC connectivity,audio and video player,expandable memory of up to 8 GB,auto voice reply, Motion Sensor and camera.The phone comes in attractive colors of green, white, plum and black and is priced with Rs 4,200.

The 4410 model has features like 2.0 inch TFT display, wireless FM radio,VGA camera,inbuilt memory of 63MB and has a price tag of Rs. 3,400.

The INTEX IN 80 model is featured with FM radio, up to 153.6 Kbps data download rate, talk time of 7 hours and standby of 260 hours and comes with a price tag at Rs 5,000.

INTEX IN20 has one-way call record mobile tracker features, sound recorder, a three-hours talk time and with a price of Rs. 1,600.

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