Friday, June 18, 2010

Olympus Introduced waterproof cameras Details

Olympus recently introduced two entry level cameras with the capability of taking underwater photogrphs.The waterproof cameras are named as Olympus X-560WP and Olympus T100.

Olympus X-560WP camera is actually a 10-megapixel camera with a 3x optical zoom and features digital image stabilization.With Olympus X-560WP camera you could possible to capture image to a depth of 10 feet.

Other features that comes with Olympus X-560WP camera includes automatic scene detection, face detection for up to 16 faces and auto red-eye correction.The camera supports SD and xD memory card and also comes with warrenty.

Olympus T100 camera packs a 2.4 inch LCD screen and is a 12 megapixel camera.The Olympus T100 has a 3x optical zoom and features AF tracking, face detection up to 12 faces and VGA video recording.

Olympus X-560WP waterproof camera will be priced at $160.

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