Saturday, December 3, 2011

Suzuki Regina concept. Its Features and Specs

In the ongoing Tokyo motor show 2011 Suzuki unveiled Suzuki Regina, a compact city car and a three-door, four seater hatchback which is 11.6 feet long, 5.3 wide and 4.7 feet high. The Regina is s extremely light weighing just 1,609lb (730kg) using a steel structure.

The Suzuki Regina comes with 800cc turbo petrol engine following follows Japanese Kei-class standard and provides continuously variable transmission driving the front wheels.

The Suzuki Regina has a stunning mileage of 32.2 Kmpl and has a low 70g/km CO2 emission.

Suzuki doesn't revealed anything about the production for any territory yet, but we expect they will launch this in market soon.

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