Tuesday, September 11, 2012

HP SpectreONE All-in-one PC Features and Specs

HP Spectre ONE the all-in-one PC targeting Apple's iMac, doesnt have a touch Screen display but has a wireless touchpad which is more advantageous compared to the other. It measures 0.44 inches(11.5mm) thick and has NFC support. It will be available for around $1299 from November 14 2012. Let's check more of its details.

HP SpectreONE features 23.6-inch flush glass full HD non-touch display with 1080pixel resolutions. It comes with NVIDIA 1GB graphics card and runs on Microsoft Windows 8 OS. It has wireless touchpad and wireless keyboard that do not require a proprietary dongle to pair with the PC. The wireless trackpad is capable of taking advantage of Windows 8 gesture support.

Expansion options of HP SpectreONE includes four USB ports (two 2.0 and two 3.0 ports), HDMI-in, Beats Audio headphone jack, an Ethernet jack, Beats Audio and a memory card reader and NFC support. It comes with 2TB of storage and has option for SSD for faster boot-up times.

Other features includes aluminum unibody design, full versions of Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and Adobe Premiere Elements 10, as well as a two-year paid subscription to Norton Internet Security suite.

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