Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fujifilm FinePix Z30

Features provided:
  • Has sleeker look
  • Auto scene recognition
  • Face detection technology with automatic red eye removal features
  • Can clik two successive images at the same time with/ with out flash
  • Features 2 shutter releases- for capturing still photos,for recording movies
  • 13 different scene positions with one touch setting
  • Weight 117 gm(without battery)
  • 5.7x digital zoom
  • 35-105 mm lens
  • Shutter speed between 8 sec to 1/2000 sec
  • 10 million effective pixels sensor
  • Dimension-(91 X 59 X 26)mm
  • Capture images at resolutions- 3648 X 2736,3648 X 2432,2592 X 1944,2048 X 1536,1600 X1200 & 640 X 480
  • Movie format- AVI(MPEG)
  • Audio format - WAV
  • 3 year warranty
  • means-lens in the top left corner of the camera's
  • button-bedecked faceplate is provided
  • shutter button and the speaker are the only two items on the top of the camera
  • 2.7-inch-diagonal LCD
  • ten rubber buttons handle all of the controls
  • 20 scene modes-turn face detection on or off
  • shoot standard-definition 640-by-480 video
  • canflip between black-and-white, chrome, and standard-color filters.
  • capture 283 shots on a single charge of its rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • uses SD and SDHC cards for storage
  • has a USB port
menu buttons also let you turn on the camera's antiblur mode (digital image stabilization), auto scene recognition, and a bare-bones manual mode that lets you tweak exposure compensation and white-balance settings

options: black,orange & purple

price from Rs.9499 to 11,499
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