Sunday, May 31, 2009

N9800GT-MD1G graphics card & N9800GT-MD512 graphics card

MSI Launches New 9800GT Based Graphics Cards

General features :

  • uses advanced power control technology
  • Two energy saving Graphics cards,decrease power consumption by 25 percent
  • use MSI's latest generation of capacitors, Hi-c CAP, and solid state chokes (SSC) for better, more stable overclocking
  • no need for the additional 6-pin power
  • Output ports include DVI, D-sub (VGA) and HMDI

  • clocked at 600MHz and 1800MHz
  • uses 256-bit memory interface
  • memory bandwidth of 57.6 GB/s
  • twin dual-link DVI and HDMI output
  • the PCI Express 2.0 card is HDCP (High-bandwidth Data Copy Protection) capable
  • offers DirectX 10.1 support
Price :$200.95

  • has core clocked at 600MHz
  • 1GB DDR3 memory clocked at 1400MHz
  • uses 256-bit memory interface
  • offer 57.6 GB/s memory bandwidth
  • has memory clocked a lower frequency
  • supports DirectX 10
Price : $273.95
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