Sunday, November 29, 2009

iRiver introduced T60SE music player

Recently iRiver launched the all New T60SE music player in Russian Market.The music player is housed with 1-inch color screen,FM tuner with recording capability either in WMA format and voice recorder.The new iRiver T60SE is much an improved versiom of iRiver T60.

This Stylish small portable music player weigh just 24g and has dimensions 5.3×27.2×22 mm .The power source of iRiver T60SE is one AAA size batteries provides a battery life up to 40 hours.The New iRiver T60SE will be available from next month and comes in five versions.

iRiver T60SE player available versions:
* 4GB of memory in light green
* 4GB of memory in strawberry
* 4GB of memory in yellow
* 2GB of memory in black
* 2GB of memory in white

4GB iRiver T60SE player price:2200 rubles
2GB iRiver T60SE player price:1600 rubles

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Anonymous said...

very good. but where is it sold in UE/France?