Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Motorola i410 iDEN phone Becomes Officially

Motorola officially introduced The all New Motorola i410 which is designed to work in in iDEN (800/900 MHz) band.The new Motorola i410 phone is housed with 1.79-inch TFT screen with a resolution of 128×160 pixels, an external 0.97-inch screen with resolution of 96×32 pixels, Bluetooth, microUSB, 2.5mm audio jack, GPS receiver, and Openwave 7.x (WAP 2.0) web browser. It is supported ringtones in formats MP3, Midi, AU and WAV, as well as the Push-to-Talk technology.The hand set is made in the clamshell form factor.

The New Motorola i410 iDEN phone weighs just 128g and has a dimension of 98×48x19.6 mm. The price details of the new Motorola i410 is yet to revealed.

Motorola i410 Specifications

Talk and Standby Time : 3.5 hours/approximately 7 days
Modes/Bands : iDEN 800/900 MHz
Weight : 128g; 4.5 oz
Dimensions : 98 x 48 x 19.6 mm; 3.8 x 1.9 x .7 in
Battery :BT60 High Performance - (SNN5782)
Connectivity :Micro USB, 2.5mm 5-pole Audio Jack, Bluetooth2
Display : 1.79” Internal 128x160 - 65k TFT/ 0.97” External 96x32
Messaging/WAP : MMS, Openwave 7.x (WAP 2.0)
Audio : Supported formats: MP3, Midi, AU,WAV
Side Keys : PTT, Volume Up, Volume Down

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