Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dell Froot desktop with no keyboard, no monitor details

Famous industrial designer,Paulina Carlos recently introduced the future computer concept, named Dell Froot.The Dell Froot desktop is totally different from conventional desktops in both shape and size.The Dell Froot desktop doesnt have a system unit,a keyboard or even a monitor.

The new Dell Froot desktop uses a laser keyboard and for display it uses screen projection technology.
Actually Dell Froot desktop is a small device that includes two built-in projectors, one for display and other for creating a virtual keyboard.The keyboard is projected on to the table and the display screen is actually the wall to which the system faces. 

Dell Froot looks similar to a small panel with a convex rounded central part.The DVD drive is a slot-loading optical drive placed at right side along with ports.Dell Froot is expected to be offered in bright colors.

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