Friday, October 29, 2010

Simple steps to check your Anti-virus capability

Most of you guys often came up with this question.Is my Anti-virus working?. Is it good enough?.So here i am providing simple steps to test your Anti-virus to check weather it is capable of providing good results.The test process includes creating an EICAR Anti-Virus Test File.The test file will not cause any harm to your system and allows you to test with your anti-virus tool is awake.

NB: IF you are still afraid to do so then you could create a restoration point before doing so, so that you could restore if you want after the test and more over i am not pushing you to do the test i just want to know that its possible to test your Anti-virus capability.

The steps are:

1. Create a Notepad

2. Enter the below text in it:


3. Save the file with EICAR.COM and better place it on your destop itself.

4. Run the file either by double-click it or using the DOS prompt.

A. IF your Anti-Virus is good enough then it will surely warn you about the virus detection   whenattempting    to run the file.

B. Next zip the file and try to open it by double-clicking your Anti-Virus will warn you if    it capable to recognize viruses inside ZIP files.This shows your Anti-Virus is better.

C. Lastly you could mail the file to yourself as attachment to make sure that your    Anti-Virus software has command of email cleanliness.

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