Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Whenever a virus attacked your system, or if you have problems with your currently installed Windows XP OS the only method is to reinstall Windows XP.Most of you hated to reinstall because it takes about 35-45 minutes to do so.So here i am presenting easy simple steps so that you could save 10-15 minutes.

1. Boot using Windows XP CD

2. When select a partition option comes select “c”.

3. Format the partition with either NTFS or FAT

4. Next you see Press "ENTER" to Restart your system

Actual trick begins next

5. After rebooting you could see a screen below it saying some 40 minutes to complete or finalize the OS installation.

6. Now you need to open the command prompt by pressing--SHIFT + F10 Key

7. In command prompt enter " Taskmgr " (do not enter the double codds enter only the word in red color).This leads you to Task Manager.

8. In Task Manager Click the Process Tab

9.In Process Tab find the process called Setup.exe

10. Right click on the Setup.exe and Set Priority to High or Above Normal by selecting it.

11.Tats all and you could see the installation process completes  in  about 20 mints.

IF you have any questions please fell free to comment.

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