Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Asus EeePC X101 price, specifications and availability

The Asus EeePC X101 is a much affordable laptops when compared to chromebook b'coz it will be out for a price tag of $200. It can be comparable to chromebook but not to any-other. Let's look into what all it contains for $200.We are not sure about when they ship this.

The Asus EeePC X101 has two USB ports and a Micro SD slot but No VGA and Ethernet. It is powered by Intel Atom N455 (1.6GHz) processor and has 1GB space for storing active programs i.e 1GB RAM and runs on MeeGo OS. It measures 0.7 inches thick. Available in four colors White, Black, Red, and Brown. There will be an option to put Windows 7 at additional price.

The entire MeeGo OS operates on panels:

'People' panel gives access to social networks like Facebook, AIM, Twitter, and Flickr.
'Status' panel contains all these social networks feed into.

'AsusVibe' panel is the company's proprietary application that plays all kinds of media.

'Internet' panel has the Chromium browser to surf the internet

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