Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sharp shows of World’s First Super Hi-Vision HDTV - The TV of the future

Sharp joined hands with Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) on 1995 to come out with this ultra high definition TV. It means that what you are watching currently in HD are nothing compared to this- a mater piece with a resolution of 7680x4320p with 103ppi that means we are currently watching videos one sixteenth of this TV's clarity.This ultra-HD format undergoes tests in the 2012 Olympics, NHK says it plans to begin trial broadcasts via satellite in 2020. The prototype they displayed is of 85 inch monitor with 33,177,600 pixels, Sharp calls it SUPER HI-VISION.It also features 10-bit color depth, though only a 60Hz refresh rate.

In-order to get an idea about this TV you can think of like this, today’s HDTV resolution makes you to recognize faces in the crowd, whereas Super Hi-Vision allows you to identify easily whether the pupils in the eyes of one of those faces are dilated.NHK won’t be showing any trial broadcasts in Super Hi-Vision until 2020.

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