Friday, August 12, 2011

Western Digital 2.5TB and 3 TB HDD Features and Specifications.

Western Digital unvield 2.5 TB and 3 TB versions to its family of WD AV-GP SATA hard drives. The features of these 3.5-inch hard drives includes 24X7 reliability, power-saving WD GreenPower Technology, able to perform in high-temperature, always-on streaming digital AV environments using SilkStream™ technology, have a 1.0 M hour MTBF rating.

The new HDD's have performance capabilities to capture up to 12 simultaneous HD video streams with SilkStream technology and the drive choice is made clear in optimizing AV applications like PVR/DVR, IPTV and video surveillance.

One important thing to concentrate on is that you need to review existing PC specifications prior to installation. This is because drives with capacities higher than 2.19 TB will not be supported by certain PC hardware, firmware and software. Windows XP will not support this drive, 32-bit Windows Vista or Windows 7 can use it as as secondary drives. These are some of the restictions.

The WD AV-GP 2.5 TB hard drives (model number WD25EURS) and 3 TB WD AV-GP hard drives (model number WD30EURS) are available currently in India with a three-year limited warranty and their prices are Rs. 7,999 + taxes and Rs.8,999 + taxes respectively.

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