Saturday, December 26, 2009

Asus X77 Core i5 notebook Specification, Price, Features.

Asus on its way t o introduce a new ASUS laptop with Core i5 ,named ASUS X77.The new Asus X77 notebook i equipped with  17.3-inch display with resolution 1600×900 pixels and LED backlight.

Asus X77 notebook is powered by an Intel Core i5-430M, referring to the Arrandale family. This chip is integrated graphics core and it will be made on 32nm technology and operate at a clock frequency of 2.26 MHz. Turbo Mode technology enables accelerate to 2.53 GHz of processor.

The Asus X77 laptop also comes housed with discrete ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 graphics accelerator, up to 4GB of RAM and dual hard drives with 1TB of total capacity,multi-format DVD burner, HDMI port, and eSATA.

The all new Asus X77 comes pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Premium OS. Asus X77 laptop is expected to hit market by next month with an estimated price of 1000 EURO.

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