Friday, December 4, 2009

Dell introduced world’s most powerful workstation Precision M6500 notebook

Dell recently introduced world's most powerful notebooks called Precision M6500.The powerful laptop from Dell can be positioned as a replacement for a desktop workstation.Dell Precision M6500 comes in two varients namely Precision M6500 and Precision M6500 Covet.The two varients of the Dell laptop differ in their graphics accelerator and type of screen used.

Dell Precision M6500 Covet with a 17-inch UltraSharp WideScreen WUXGA RGB LED Edge2Edge Covet Display and Dell Precision M6500 uses a a 17-inch Wide Screen WXGA+ LCD Panel.Both notebook display comes with a resolution of up to 1920×1200 pixels.

Dell Precision M6500 is housed with quad-core Intel Core i7-920XM processor having frequency 2.0 GHz,accomadate up to 16GB of RAM, two hard drives one solid state drives (SSDs) and another SATA harddisk having a total storage area of 1TB and also comes with either a DVD writer or Blu-ray drive.

Both varients of Dell Precision M6500 includes a 1.0GB ATI FirePro M7740 Graphics or 1.0GB NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800M Graphics.They also features 8-in-1 card reader, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, webcam, GPS, and HSPA EVDO module.Their is also possibility to include fingerprints reader.

Dell Precision M6500 comes with Windows 7 operating system and the power house is a 6-cell battery.Dell Precision M6500 ultra powerful workstation weighs around 4kg some what hard to carry.The dimension Dell Precision M6500 is 393×280x34.5-38.5 mm.

Dell Precision M6500 comes with a price tag starts with $2,749 and Dell Precision M6500 Covet model price starts at $4,219.

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