Monday, May 30, 2011

ASUS Padfone Features, Specs and Review

ASUS is introducing a new concept ASUS Padfone- a phone which gets plugged into a tablet.That is ASUS Padfone,a smartphone with a tablet as an accessory. The tablet has a 10-inch screen where as the smartphone has a 4-inch display with a 5MP rear camera.

With the phone docked, it will recharge automatically and the tablet can also make use of the smartphone’s 3G internet connection. The dual interfaces is capable of delivering activities like video conferencing, web browsing and emailing.

The package consists of two pieces - an Android running ASUS phone which docks inside a tablet when necessary. The smartphone comes with dual-cameras and the tablet will have only a front-facing one, but will be able to use the smartphone’s as its primary rear camera.
The Padfone will run on Android Honeycomb for the Tablet and Android 2.3 Gingerbread for the Smartphone.

The device is expected out around Christmas time this year. So we can expect certian more changes.
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