Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sony's bendable OTFT display

Sony's Shows off flexible electronic paper (e-paper) that is driven by OTFT( Organic Thin Film Transistor )display technology behind closed doors at last week's SID conference in LA, including a color unit and the extremely flexible black and white e-paper display seen above, which can be bent to a 5mm curvature radius. The 13.3-inch sheet offers 1200x1600 (150ppi) resolution, 10:1 contrast ratio, 16 shades of gray and is powered by organic TFTs. Sony showed off and bent the thing at the show, reportedly to the cheers of the crowd in attendance.

Peri-Xanthenoxanthene (PXX) was used for the semiconductor layer of the organic TFT. The semiconductor layer and all the insulating layers are manufactured with a spin coating method using solution.It uses E Ink Corp's electrophoretic front plane laminate.

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