Friday, May 21, 2010

Dell Studio 7100 XPS AMD launched in India

Dell Studio XPS integrated with AMD technology equipped with six core processor has launched in Indian markets. This comes with a vision to take the desktop market in India all by itself. The XPS 7100 is thickly packed with all the necessary features aiming mainly for gamers, movie lovers, music lovers, social networking friendly peoples.

Dell Studio XPS 7100 is equipped with1.5 tetra-byte hard disk at 7200RPM which makes the system faster with high amount of storage and also has Optical DVD+ RW super-multi drive integrated.

The Dell XPS 7100 Studio is sound blaster X-Fi Xtreme audio, which will be smart enough to use modulations and pitching ability to make your audio or video sound really beautiful.

On Dell XPS 7100 Studio, in-built graphic card of ATI Radeon HD 5870 with 1 GB GDDRS will handle games with ease and gives you more comfort of you are a serious gamer. It was inbuilt with 6 GB RAM .

Dell Studio XPS is not only really affordable and offer durable multi-tasking with six core processor but also loaded with best high-end features so that user who are fond of playing games, watching movies and using graphical applications are very much interested with this. So for a conclusion this Dell desktop has immense potential to become most popular among desktops in India.

Dell Studio 7100 XPS is measured at 16x7x18 inches & is weighed at 22.4 lbs it has silver color carbide design. Dell Studio7100 XPS is starting from Rs. 50,000 and higher version price range increases accordingly. The online retailers are lining up to offer this desktop on discounted rates at Rs. 48,000.

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