Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zen Mobile India Launched S10

Zen S10 is the first multimedia stylish and multi-faceted slider phone from Zen mobiles India.It has very good metallic body.The handset is equipped with a 2GB memory card.The phone is the fist multimedia phone in the country with a metallic body & is claimed to be stylish and has multi-faceted features.

Zen S10 has a 2.2 inch TFT QVGA screen, full MP3 and MP4 playback support and comes with a 2GB memory card & can be expanded to 4GB. The handset looks easy to use and carry, sleek and comes in metallic body. It also has a 2 MP camera with Flash and video recording. The slider phone supports Bluetooth and FM radio.

Zen S10 is a dual SIM mobile phone supports both GSM SIM cards. Zen Mobile S10 is now available every where in India with a price tag of Rs.4,999.
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