Friday, May 28, 2010

Mi-Fone Launched Three Low-cost Phones In India

Mi-Fone has announced the launch of three new QWERTY keyboard laden phones under the Mi-Q - brand.he three models announced include the Mi-Q+, Mi-Q1 and Mi-Q5.

For all these phones the screen is a 2.2-inch, 65k colour screen with a resolution of 220x176. They come with a basic camera at the back as well and has a 1000Mah battery that provides 5-hour talk time & a standby time of 360 hours.

The Mi-Q+ comes loaded with GPRS Class 10, WAP 2.0, MMS, FM radio, a torchlight and the Qwerty keypad for faster SMS and has a price tag of Rs. 2,500.

The Mi-Q1 which boasts of GPRS/WAP/MMS and MP3/Video capabilities with a memory capacity of up to 1GB. The phone also has a QWERTY keypad and has a price tag of Rs. 3,399.

The Mi-Q5 is the top phone int the rang and has additional features including Bluetooth, support for Java applications, push email and social apps such as Facebook, MSN, etc. It can also take a memory card giving it greater capacity. There is also an option to watch analogue television using the device and has a price tag of Rs.3,999.

Other common facilities like they support email, Instant Messaging, Uploading and Downloading of documents, have same dimensions. The Mi-Fone range of handsets is available from Home Shop 18 Networks and Aditya Birla Stores.Tags: Mi-Fone, Mi-Fone review, Mi-Fone features, Mi-Fone details, Mi-Fone specifications, Mi-Fone information, Mi-Fone images, Mi-Fone pics, Mi-Fone pictures, Mi-Fone hardware features, Mi-Fone application features, Mi-Fone availability, Mi-Fone price,Mi-Q+, Mi-Q1, Mi-Q5.