Friday, April 30, 2010

Eken M001 Tablet Android/WinCe Tablet Price, Features

Eken, Chinese manufacturer recently launched its all new Android/WinCe based tablet, named Eken M001.The new Eken M001 tablet runs on either Google Android or Windows CE 6.0 OS.The new Eken M001 Tablet can be used as an e-book reader, media player, and mobile internet device (MID).

The new Eken M001 Tablet equips a 7-inch touchscreen TFT LCD display with resolution of 800×480 pixels and is powered with a 600MHz VIA MW8505 processor.The tablet includes a 128 MB of DDR2 RAM and a 2GB of internal memory.There is also a Secure Digital memory card slot for expanding memory up to 32 GB.

New Eken M001 Tablet comes housed with a 1.3MP camera, 10/100 Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, a microphone jack, High-Fidelity stereo speaker output, and a 30 pin port for docking station.Eken M001 Tablet will be available already under different brands and is price between $140 to $150.

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JB said...

This post said that the new eken M001 comes with 1.3mp camera and 10/100 ethernet, but on other reviews, including video reviews of the eken nobody mention this features, verify your facts on this post.