Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Samsung AMOLED Beam SPH-W9600 Pico Projector Phone Price, Features

Samsung recently announced their new Pico Projector mobile phone in South Korean market, named Samsung AMOLED Beam (SPH-W9600).The new Samsung AMOLED Beam (SPH-W9600) handset is introduced as a replacement to Samsung Haptic Beam (SPH-W7900) introduced last year.

The new Samsung AMOLED Beam SPH-W9600  Pico Projector Phone can be able to project image/video content to a size of up to 50 inches with 800×480 pixels (WVGA) resolution.The company also said that the new Samsung AMOLED Beam SPH-W9600 projector is much improved compared to its predecessor and that includes 2.5 times improvement of contrast, 1.5 times of brightness and also the resolution is improved to 480×800 pixels.

Samsung AMOLED Beam SPH-W9600 comes equipped with a 3.3-inch touchscreen AMOLED display with a WVGA resolution and packs a 5 megapixel camera.The new handset also houses a T-DMB, Bluetooth, and a microSD slot that supports up to 16GB card. This new pico projector phone supports Office files and DivX playback.

The all new Samsung SPH-W9600 Pico Projector Phone available for sale with a price tag of 900,000 won (about $806).

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