Friday, April 23, 2010

Motorola Announced Six Motorola WX series Handsets Features, Specifications

Motorola recently officially announced their upcoming six low cost mobile handset that belongs to the Motorola WX series.The new handsets are named as Motorola WX181, Motorola WX161, Motorola WX260, Motorola WX265, Motorola WX290 and Motorola WX295.

Motorola WX161 packs a 1.3-inch screen while the Motorola WX181 handset equips a 1.5-inch display.Both the new Motorola WX161 and Motorola WX181 comes in candybar form factor featuring FM radio and torch.

Motorola WX260 handset is a budget form and is a candybar handset where as the Motorola WX265 handset comes in clamshell form factor.Both the Motorola WX260 and Motorola WX265 handsets houses  Bluetooth 2.0, FM tuner, WAP browser, MP3 player, color display and a microSD card slot that support up to 2GB.Both handsets also includes a battery capable of providing 11 hours of life in music mode.

The next two, Motorola WX290 with candy bar form factor and WX295 with clamshell form factor equips a  1.8-inch display and includes a camera with LED flashlight.Both handsets also supports MMS features.Other specifications of the new Motorola WX290 and Motorola WX295 handset similar to  Motorola WX260 and WX265.

Price details and release date of the new Motorola WX series handsets are yet to be revealed...

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