Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dell presents sleek, thinner new Inspiron line of notebooks in India with switchable lids

Dell hits Indian consumer markets with appealing, thinner, lighter inspirion series laptops with an expansion of customer service and also has ‘Change is Easy’ switchable lids for its new releases. The company will launch laptop front, seamless 10 switchable lids. They claim that the 15-inch version is the thinnest laptop currently available.
The new models has options of Second generation Intel’s Core i3, i5, and i7 processors, a 13-hour battery life, HD capable webcam, Chiclet style keyboard, up to 8GB of memory and will also have Intel Wireless Display to stream video to an HDTV.

The new Version is mainly intented for mobile professionals, students and small-business owners who are looking for easy-to-carry laptops. Besides its slim exterior, it also includes NVIDIA discrete graphics with Optimus technology that automatically switches to power-saving integrated graphics under reduced workloads, helping the battery last longer.

These Dell laptops are available with Dell’s retail partners and their online webstore with a base price tag of Rs 34,300 for Inspiron 14R and Rs 35, 300 for Inspiron 15R (Both the models come with black lid and one additional ‘Change is Easy’ design lid of the customers’ choice). You can buy additional lids for Rs 1,999 each.

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