Monday, June 13, 2011

Nintendo Wii U features, specs and availability

Nintendo Wii U offers a great gaming experience with a 6.5-inch touchscreen display, motion control is seamless, a touchscreen controller, a Full HD-1080p console making Video games to appear in HD, dual analogue sticks, rumble feedback, a D-pad, a front-facing camera, triggers and shoulder buttons, start/select/home buttons and a microphone.The wii u can be displayed simultaneously on the controller pad and the TV.

The controller was capable of, like watching it as a way to see where your golf ball is when you swing at it, or a device to throw ninja stars at trees. The Nintendo Wii U comes with a built-in gyroscope and accelerometers for motion gaming, the display can be used to explore game worlds in a 360-degree manner. Current Wii remotes and other devices will work with Wii U. It will play games on proprietary discs that are the same size as current Wii game discs.It can also be used as a Web browser and for video chat.It will be available in stores in 2012 between April and December, first making its entry directly to UK in April 2012 and other regions after that. Currently there is no need about pricing but all these features surely makes it more pricey.

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