Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LG Cinema 3D Tv features, price and availability

The new LG Cinema 3D TV range delivers a brighter, sharper, flicker-free image with an ultra- wide viewing angle,without the expensive and complicated glasses.

LG's Cinema 3D is just the same as the 3D you see in cinemas, powered by similar technology.That is the LG Cinema 3D, uses polarisation, which passively filters the correct image to each eye. The glasses are simpler like those in cinemas, don't require batteries or charging, and costs less than £2 per pair.With the wide viewing angle, everyone can enjoy the full 3D effect from wherever they are in the room.
It uses the world's first flicker-free 3D TV technology which make you see the images clearly in presence of light sources, provides you with brighter and clearer HD picture making you to see the regular 2D programmes up to five times the picture quality of the earlier one.

With LG Cinema 3D TV You will have cinematic experience with the latest films playing on the Sky 3D channel or those available on 3D Blu-ray. LG Cinema 3D TVs use the same side-by-side frame technology that Sky 3D uses to broadcast its content, which makes LG the best choice for watching 3D programming on a Sky HD box. The 3D TV is also good at gaming.

All TVs in the LG Cinema 3D range come with seven pairs of glasses

If you're already a Sky customer, you could get up to £400 cash back on a new LG 3D TV until 30 June by visiting The LG Cinema 3D range includes the new LW450U, LW550T and LW650T models, with screen sizes from 32" to a truly cinematic 55". Prices start from £649 for the 32" LW450U.

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