Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Notion Ink-ADAM Features, Reviews

Notion Ink-ADAM is powered by 1 GHz NIVIDA Tegra 2 dual core Cortex A9 processor and it will run on modified version of Android 2.3(it will be upgraded to Honeycomb by the end of this month) With EDEN User Interface.It will play 1080p HD video on an HDTV connected to the device's HDMI port. One Notable feature of Notion Ink-ADAM is the amazing low power consuming transreflective 1024x600 display made by the optional Pixel Qi, which can even be viewed under direct sunlight.

The Notion Ink-ADAM comes with 3.2 Megapixel camera, which swivels 185 degrees and can capture 720p HD video. Connectivity options includes Wi-Fi+3G and Wi-Fi-only moels.Lot's of applications, software improvements are available for ADAM owners. The Notion Ink is considered more tablet friendly than any other similar device in the market.Notion Ink is busy launching two software updates. Eden 1.5 will provide users 150 updates they can choose from and also allows users to test out the Android 2.3 features.

In order to buy Notion Ink-ADAM you need to sign up for an email subscription from A disclaimer below this page states, "Entering your e-mail address in this page does not ensure the right to order". You will then receive an email from Notion Ink with the link to the Notion Ink Store along with your user name (your email address) and your password. To know more about this follow its CEO's blog. Actually you are getting more than the money you invest in for this product.

The price details with configurations are as below:

  • Backlit LCD, WiFi only for Rs.19,000
  • Backlit LCD, WiFi+3G for Rs.22,000
  • Pixel Qi LCD, WiFi only for Rs.24,000
  • Pixel Qi LCD, WiFi+3G for Rs.27,000

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