Monday, March 22, 2010

2011 Versions Of Maya, Max, Softimage are announced

Autodesk Maya software has been used on countless games as well as every Oscar-winning movie for Best Visual Effects since 2001.Now they are coming with the newer versions.

Autodesk Maya 2011 includes

  • a redesigned customizable user interface gives a fresh new look and feel
  • a graphics pipeline
  • the Camera Sequencer supports import of both AAF and Final Cut Pro EDLs
  • a 3D editorial timeline
  • a new Vector Paint feature
  • provides Enhanced Skinning Workflow
  • also have a 64-bit Mac OS executable

The 3D editorial timeline,helps in communicating and validating the creative vision behind a project and enables previs and virtual moviemaking workflows for users

The new Vector Paint feature for improved compositing and rotoscoping. Now, animatable and trackable paint strokes can be used to paint colors and reveal or clone data across a sequence or on a per-frame basis

The Enhanced Skinning Workflow helps in Creating believable CG characters is also made easier with a new, dual quaternion option for smooth skinning, interactive volume binding, enhancements to the Paint Skin Weights tool, deformer weight mirroring and surface falloff mode for the Wrap deformer

High Performance Core-completely redesigned graphics pipeline that helps deliver new levels of performance for complex scenes while improving the quality of the viewport feedback

The company said that a new user interface (UI), 3D editorial capability and enhanced skinning workflow help provide computer graphics (CG) artists with a creative workflow

Autodesk 3ds Max 2011 includes

  • Slate- a new node-based material editor
  • Quicksilver-a new hardware-based multithreaded rendering engine that makes use of both the CPU and GPU
  • 3ds Max Composite
  • an HDR–capable compositor based on Autodesk Toxik

Autodesk Softimage 2011 includes

  • ICE Kinematics- aid in rigging with inverse kinematics, spines, constraints, and dynamics tails
  • automated lip-synching and facial animation based on audio files
  • the new mental ray 2011 renderer

With all the above added fatures strengthens its position as a foundation for modern film and game pipelines.

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