Thursday, March 25, 2010

Elgato introduces the EyeTV Netstream DTT network dual tuner for digital TV

Features includes:

  • TV Tuner that comes is Dual DVB-T (Freeview) tuner
  • able to stream digital TV to all PCs or Mac on your home network
  • Output resolution Up to 1080i (no HD channels currently available)
  • Video is MPEG-2 or AVC/H.264 compliant
  • Software includes EyeTV 3 (Mac)/Terratec Home Cinema (PC)
  • Operating systemi sWindows 7; Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
  • Connection is Ethernet or 802.11n Wi-Fi; aerial
  • user-friendly interface is very OS X-like and intuitive to use
  • Terratec's PC software works seamlessly with Media Center
    this device will miss out the HD channels that will be popping up in the future
  • can watch TV wirelessly using a notebook/netbook if you have a WiFi network
  • Dimension of 119 (w) x 119 (d) x 23 (h) mm & weights 232g

And once you've recorded a show you can archivie that onto a DVD, using the shortcut to Toast, or to exporting to Apple TV an iPod, or Sony's PSP.

By jacking straight into your router, it can stream live TV onto multiple Macs and PCs on the network without a cable in sight. The flattened box containing the twin DVB-T tuner with connections for an aerial, Ethernet cable and mains power.

The EyeTV software makes it a powerful and user-friendly TV solution. The software is essentially harnessing the considerable power of your computer to play and also record, archive and burn TV content

There's a useful 14-day EPG for browsing TV listings and highlighting what you want to record onto your hard drive. It can also set up "smart guides" to catch all your favourite serials. Alternatively, you can sign up for tvtv (the first year is free) for an even more sophisticated guide.

It also integrates well with Apple TV, by converting your recordings, porting them into iTunes and then syncing automatically.Even your iPhone can get in on the action. You'll need to pay for £2.99 for the app, but it'll enable you to watch and control your Netstream remotely.

There are two tuners so two different computers can watch different programmes simultaneously. With two tuners on board, you can watch and record simultaneously or view two channels in separate windows. It is useful when there are two computers on the network & are trying to access different shows.

Elgato supply a telescopic aerial for use with the EyeTV Netstream DTT, but it’s really meant for use with a proper roof-mounted aerial.The company include software for PC and Mac (and it’s Windows Media Center 7 compliant), and the box uses UPnP and Bonjour for easier setup.

Has lossless video streaming so whether you're recording or streaming and it looks very clean and sharp on a high-resolution monitor. For this it requires your computer's processor and network strength, at least a dual core processor for Macs and some free memory for buffering, A robust network using 802.11n.

The Elgato EyeTV Netstream DTT is available now & priced at € 249.95($338).

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