Monday, March 22, 2010

LG's 3D LED enabled 55LX9500 launches in UK

Striking fatures:
  • has a screen depth of just .92 inches
  • It’s incredibly slim
  • supports local dimming of up to 240 addressable segments
  • employ the 'Active Shutter' 3D system & is compatible with Sky's forthcoming 3D channel
  • The Active Shutter system creates separate high quality (1080p) images for the left and right eyes
  • The active shutter glasses is not provided along with the tv so you have to buy it separately., but
  • comes with built in Skype
  • provides LED backlighting and TruMotion 400Hz frame rate.
  • Also provides a web connectivity that comes in the shape of Netcast technology
  • Provides XD Engine picture processing, DLNA, the screen is Wireless ready (optional dongle required) and comes with 4 HDMI's

LG 55LX9500 Best Price: £3499.99

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