Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Opera Launched Mini 5 Beta for Android

Opera has launched the Mini 5 beta for Android


  • added a tabbed browsing which is seen as a tremendous change
  • a speed dial which lets you access to 9 of your most favorite sites by just one touch
  • Password manager and bookmarks are provided
  • offer a fast and cost efficient access to your favorite websites and makes sure thatAndroid users make no compromise while surfing the Web through their mobiles
  • The data is compressed by up to 90% before sending it to your mobile phone.this means that the page gets loaded faster and time,money is saved,can work better in lower bandwidths.
  • It increase the number of platforms that Mini 5 Beta supports
  • Windows Mobile can make use of this application
  • this version doe not require Java
  • The mobile browser compresses data by up to 90%, resulting in a faster smartphone Internet experience.
  • Other features in all Mini 5 versions are speed dialing, tabbed browsing, bookmarks, and a password manager

Android phone users can download Mini 5 by visiting Opera’s mobile Website,, with the standard Android browser

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