Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sony introduces 3D TV’s in India

Sony launched 3D TV in India under the popular Bravia brand.Sony takes a leap ahead by bringing internet content to TV with Bravia Internet Video which allows users quick access to some of the very popular websites like YouTube, Facebook, and many others. This feature currently allows users to access up to 30 websites.

The 3D TVs incorporate frame sequential display and active-shutter glass systems _which is the technology that provides the 3D effect, together with Sony's proprietary high frame rate technology to enable the reproduction of full High Definition high-quality 3D images. The set has sweet/ominous monolithic style with the edge-lit.Motionflow 200Hz with Image Blur Reduction technology provides smoother sports and action scenes. The Live Colour feature ,MPEG Noise reduction & Intelligent Picture Plus makes the video sharper, clear and noise-free.

It requires D active shutter glasses which were activated by pointing at a sensor, situated above the TV. Once done, the glasses were turned on. The TDG-BR100 / TDG-BR50 3D glasses are WiFi-connected .It has face tracking capability which will dims and then turn off if you leave the room or simply looked away from the TV for an extended period. Active shutter technology will boost the playability of the PS3 for some years to come.

The LED LX900 bringing the entire 3D package with built in IR emitter and two pairs of RealD active shutter glasses,for HX900 and edge-lit HX800 the full 3D effect can be obtained by purchasing the glasses and TMR-BR100 IR emitter separately, or just live a 2D lifestyle and know the 3D is there if you ever want to upgrade.

In addition to 3D TVs, Sony is trying to incorporate 3D compatibility into its devices, such as Blu-ray Disc products, VAIO and PlayStation®3, to provide a multitude of ways in which 3D content can be enjoyed in the home.

The 3D TV’s are priced between Rs. 45,900 and Rs. 3.50-lakh.

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