Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sprint brings Android-based PTT Motorola i1

At Sprint(network prowider), it will work through a network of Nextel Direct Connect. This technology that allows you to communicate one or more contacts on a mobile network, like a walkie-talkie.It isthe world’s first Push-to-Talk -capable Android touchscreen device from Motorola.

Features includes:

  • has a 5MP camera
  • Opera Mini 5 browser,Flash 8
  • memory card slot for MicroSD
  • built-in WiFi and Bluetooth modules
  • provides support of the standard EVDO Rev.A
  • a 3.1 inch HVGA touchscreen display with (320×480)pixel
  • provides a virtual keyboard Swype
  • Motorola i1 is rated to Military 810F spec

Motorola i1 is a smartphone with increased strength.it is resistant to dust, rain, vibration, drops, other kinds of physical abuse and fully meets various military specifications.

The company doesn’t provide any idea about the availability or price details.

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