Tuesday, March 23, 2010

AT&T’s Wireless A25is

Airo Wireless A25is is designed for people communicating in industries that operate in potentially explosive environments including process and chemical manufacturing, the petrochemical industry, the military, utilities, as well as companies in the pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturing industries.It is designed to enhance connectivity, efficiency, safety among personnel at these sites.


  • It is the first intrinsically safe-certified smartphone across the world
  • Has a 2.8-inch touch screen and is just under an inch thick
  • Is a rugged mobile device which comes in a sturdy as well as stylish designwith a sleek body
  • a fully integrated GPS receiver
  • Has a lightweight battery along with QWERTY touchscreen
  • Bluetooth(TM) compatibility
  • Push-to-Talk compatibility
  • a button for notifications as well as GPS telematics applications

The A25is has undergone intrinsic safety certification testing and approval for UL 913 (North America) and also meets rugged military specifications (MIL-SPEC 810-F/G)

  • is rated to survive a fall of almost 50 inches at least 26 times
  • be shock-proof across 1,000 miles of transport in a vehicle on shaky terrain
  • can withstand up to 95 percent humidity for 48 hours
  • can withstand on immersion in up to five feet of water for 30 minutes

The A25is device was designed based on extensive customer input to ensure it has the right mix of form factor, features and durability to maximize worker productivity and also withstand potential exposure to water, dirt and harsh chemicals, heat and cold and general tough use from bumps, drops and vibration

Available from AT&T, but the price of the handset is not disclosed. For more information visit www.airowireless.com

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